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Birthday will Always be Happy Because of YOU! :)

O God, I thank You for giving me

Another year of life.

I thank you for all the people who have remembered me today,

And who have sent me good wishes.

Thank You for everything

That I have been enabled by You to do

And to be in the past years.

I thank You for the experiences

Of the past year:

For the times of success,

Which will always be happy memories;

For the times of failure,

Which will remind me

Of my own weaknesses

And my need of YOU;

For times of joy

When the sun is shining,

And for the times of sorrow

Which drove me to You.

Thank you for Fr. Alfred. I learned and realized

Many things with him.

Sana kayo ng bahala kay Fr.alfred, Lord.

Thank you again for Jara. For her sound

Support and love for me.

Walang kapantay!

Thank you for the Youth Ministry

For giving me inspiration and strength.

Lord, lakas ko ang youth ministry.

Alam nyo po yan.

Thank you for my friends,

Na walang sawang nagpapayo,

Nagpapalakas ng loob,

At nagmamahal sakin.

Thank you for my parents,

Lagi nyo po sana silang alagaan.

Lord, thank you sa tawag Ninyo!

Malaking regalo po iyon.

Sana patuloy ko pong maalagaan ang tawag niyo,

At makasagot na din ako ng maayos in time!

Forgive me,

For the hours I have wasted,

For the chances I failed to take,

For the opportunities

I missed in the past year.

Forgive me that I have not made of life

All that I might have made of it.

Help me in the days ahead

To make this the best year yet,

And in to bring credit to my self,

Happiness to my love ones,

And joy to YOU.

You know what I mean, Lord,

And You know my heart’s desire!

This O ask for Jesus sake.


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all the best kapatid.

good health.
UNO na grade! (para matuwa si ate irene...lolz!)
and enlightenment...
may He pour you graces you deserve, wisdom you need and a map to take with you as you go along the way!

those are my wishes for you!

12:48 PM
ate irene  

wah! kuya jay, knina pati tinatawagan.. mukang bz ka ata.. hehehe! happy birthday...

4:09 PM

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