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Sadness creeps in and heart full of sorrow
As I sat with clouded eyes, still crying.
Nothing will be lost, I thought.
All's well. I'll look forward to tomorrow.

All of these are foolish things to say.
Foolish...fooling myself is what I'm doing.
All the memories that I've known
Cannot be replaced in any way.

Sure, new experiences will come.
But will these outshine the old ones?
Love and understanding have grown for five years.
Hard to comprehend why it's all ending.

Life goes on, they say.
But now all I want is life to be as it is.
Joy fills my heart in this place.
Nothing more to ask for, I prayed. goodbye
In these last few days of woe and sorrow.
Tears mixed with laughter echoes in the halls
As the cover closes in the final days of this chapter.

And If by chance we meet again
May it be full of blessings in the rain
Yet for now all that I can say
Is to God for you I'll pray.

...the youth of Bataan loves you!

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